Workshop on Human Responsibilities with Global Spotlight

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Last November 28th, the Campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities held a workshop with Global Spotlight, an organization formed by a group of extremely brilliant high school and college students who are aiming to eradicate inequality globally by empowering and educating our youth to strive for a better world. Having Global Spotlight with us was reinvigorating in so many ways and I want to share my thoughts on how this workshop – and hopefully others with them in the near future – was important for our goal to form the first Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities.

But before that, for our newcomers and for those that are willing to know a bit more of our story, the Campaign has been working on its Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities for the past year by welcoming people from all parts of the globe to give us new perspectives on the material we are creating. The initiative is a collaborative construction that respects cultural, political, social, religious, environmental, and economical differences, and every single feedback we get from our participants is vital.

I like to think that something with a name as an “Universal Declaration” must resonates within every single one of us, and it should be looked at as an encrusted raw diamond in a lump of ore. To make that gem shine, we need to refine it. It is going to take some time to reach its full brilliancy, but eventually it will happen with lots of work. Not to extend too much on this analogy, our Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities is a precious stone in the process of being refine, and only by acknowledging that we are different and that we need the collaboration of people from different backgrounds we can fully achieve the desirable outcome to create a document as massive in importance and impactful as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Without further ado, let me share with you all how important that meeting was and how we are paving our way to finally have our document. First and foremost, our Campaign and Global Spotlight share the same objective of changing our world for the better and it was only natural that we could hold this workshop together.

Second, Global Spotlight is also an international organisation and its focus on education of our youth is vital to our cause. Having high school students engaging in matters of that importance is such a breath of fresh air. For so long, our youth has been patronized, talked down and left aside by the so called “adults” that we forgot they are the ones who are inheriting everything that we do, and letting them be active on their choices and allowing them to participate on this process of a global change is one way to transform societies around the world through adopting responsible actions in their lives.

And lastly, the synergy we had during our workshop put on evidence that partnerships between organisations are an important aspect we must explore in the future if we want to strive for better results. By the very first minutes of listening to Trisha-Mae’s presentation I knew that whatever outcome we had, it would be beneficial to all of us. And for my surprise, it was beyond the best outcome that I had previously expected. With members of Global Spotlight and the Campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities, we had participants on the call from Canada, Brazil, Russia, Spain, France, United States and Nigeria, a true Global Village. During our group discussion session, we were able to dissect our third version of the Declaration by bringing up on point observations of its purpose, priorities, and structure. Moreover, we were able to dive in on the Declaration articles, to analyse the words used on it, and to propose meaningful changes where they are needed; and thus, I conclude that our workshop was a success.

We want every single member or invited person to our Campaign to advocate for it, to let people on their social circles to know of what we are building. The Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities is something that should be created by people from all backgrounds, from all ages, from all religions, from all levels of education or lack of, from all nations. This is how it will come to life, respecting differences, and embracing them by promoting responsible changes in an individual level. The 21st century should overcome problems that the institutions of the 20th century were not able to tackle on, and the Campaign strongly believes, and so do I, that much must be done to achieve our final Declaration – an instrument that will help us solve many of our global current problems. This path cannot be walked without friends, and we invite you to walk it with us.

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Henrique Leandro Fernandes | December 7th, 2020.


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