First Online Workshop

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

On May 11, 2020 the Campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities successfully held its first, official, two-hour virtual workshop. Using the Zoom platform, Chris Hoenig (USA) and Beatriz de Leon Cobo (Spain) organized the workshop, while Tomás Neves (Brazil) and Mamdouh Alqudsi (Syria) led our discussion-based focus groups. In these groups, our global citizens were asked to discuss what are universal human responsibilities, review our published Declaration of Universal Human Responsibilities, and provide insight as to their own individual responsibilities after the workshop.

We had participants contributing to the conversation from eight different countries; Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Ecuador, Italy, Ivory Coast, Spain, Syria, and USA, and we were thrilled with the discussions and results that were facilitated from the breakout discussions. Some highlighted perspectives were:

● Reinforce the point that the Declaration is by global citizens, for global citizens

● Align the format of the declaration to other historic documents that also establish a moral commitment for citizens around the world to assume (i.e. Hippocratic Oath).

Thank you to all of our participants for contributing to the movement to make Universal Human Responsibilities become the new global ‘norm’.

"I learned that there are other people from different backgrounds who have my same concerns about future."- Simone (Italy)

"What I most liked was the idea of commitment evoqued by a participant in our group.".- Larissa (Brazil)

"I believe the very basis of this campaign is amazing and trying to centre the discussion around what we can do as humans, rather than what we have a right to, was at times both challenging and exciting"- Agustín (Argentina)

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