The Ubuntu Concept & The Campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities

The Ubuntu Theory recognizes that “I am because we are,” and it is a powerful expression of a fundamental African philosophy and way of life. It is directly manifested in the Universal Human Responsibility Campaign that affirms the fact that people have rights but responsibilities too. The Ubuntu ideology has been embraced across Africa, and since the Campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities reveals similar ideals, I embrace it. It is also instructive for my fellow Africans and other people across the globe who need not only to embrace it rhetorically, but put it into practice in day to day actions.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu asserted that “Ubuntu is a gift that Africa will give the World.” The time has come for fellow Africans to give to the world their indigenous shared values, thoughts and assumptions exhibited in the Ubuntu concept. We can do this in a special way by endorsing the Universal Human Responsibilities Campaign and thus work better together to make the world a better place for all. The two ideas of Ubuntu and Universal Human Responsibilities exemplify the principles of care, responsibility, respect, collective actions, peace and harmony, among others. The Campaign makes “Responsibility” central to our shared humanity. The Ubuntu Philosophy can only be realized by our determination to be bound by explicit requirements contained in the description of who a “Responsible citizen is to the community.”

Other societies should also use their indigenous values and beliefs that will help support and enrich the values of this campaign in promoting peace, responsibility, accountability, togetherness, among others not only in their respective societies but also beyond. For example the Chinese concept of Jen among others, play a pivotal role in promoting human responsibilities.

Most societies possess shared values and beliefs that promote humanity. All these shared values and beliefs can contribute to the Campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities that complements the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is important for citizens across the world to join this ethical global initiative as we all learn better how to live the values of Ubuntu and of the Campaign in solving 21st century issues such as climate change, pandemic, inequality among others.

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