First Global Village Party!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This past weekend, on September 12th, the Campaign’s Global Village community came together to celebrate the Campaign’s 1st anniversary with the first, online global Zoom party!

Open to volunteers, cofounders, friends and family alike, the party kicked off with fun drinks like homemade caipirinhas and kombucha, and a great selection of music that you can now find on Spotify, on a collaborative playlist put together by the Campaign members.

A mellow song by Stacey Kent played in the background while everyone logged on to the call, joining from France, Uganda, Spain, Hungary, Brazil and the U.S.

The Campaign’s amazing party host, Tomas, began the festivities with a challenging game of Two Truths and A Lie, which included an added difficulty: First, guessing whose statements are these? Then, which ones are false?

We learned about Scott’s experience in 1990’s Berlin, being there for the original Deutsch Eine Tag, Tim losing his money and passport in Hong Kong, and surviving on cereal for a week, Susan working out with -- or at least near -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mar’s action-packed travel story on being attacked by a hungry kangaroo in Australia 😮 We also got a special guest appearance by Kate’s beautiful cat Phuket, whom we learned enjoys being carried outdoors!

Thank you to everyone who joined and participated, we hope to see you there for the next one! Follow our social media and stay tuned!

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