The agenda 2063 in an important document that looks to the past experiences of the continent of Africa to inform the future and provides a strong structure for addressing the past injustices such as slavery, apartheid, colonialism among others and the realization of the 21st century as the African Century. The agenda2063 is a living document that calls upon the people of Africa and her diaspora to act together in achieving the seven pillars upon which it is based.

The seven pillars include;

  • A strong and influential Global player and partner

  • People driven development

  • Good governance, human rights, justice and rule of law,

  • Prosperous Africa

  • Politically United Africa and Integrated Africa.

  • Peaceful and secure Africa.

  • Strong cultural identity Values and Ethics.

I hold the view that all these aspirations can be realized by our determination to fulfill our human responsibilities as defined by the citizens of the world in the campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities. Both the ideas of agenda2063 and the Campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities represent not only African values and norms but also global issues which can be dealt with collectively by accepting the fact that we all have our basic human rights as per the declaration of the Universal Human rights but responsibilities too. This necessitates a formal declaration of Universal Human responsibilities to deal with the 21st century issues which the agenda2063 aspires to achieve by the year 2063.

These two ideas uphold the Rio principle of common, but differentiated responsibilities. This is therefore a sincere call for my fellow Africans and all citizens of the world to support the two ideas that seek to create the world we want and eliminate the one we fear. We can do, we must do it because if we don’t accept our universal responsibilities, Africa and the world will not realize their prospective.

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Dennis Ssebugwawo | Co-Founder

The Campaign for Universal Human Responsibilities.

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