Meet the team

We are a small but growing community  of volunteer members and cofounders that form a dedicated team, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Non-Profit Organization forward. Meet some of our incredible cofounders below.



I am a child of the Redwood Forests in the San Francisco Bay Area, and grew up in the midst of both war and social revolution. I am an innovator working at the leading edge of 21st century civics, a citizen who lives a life of service, a practical executive with a vision for the future, a philosopher schooled in history, an author with a message for the world, a poet who loves language, and a father who knows love is the most powerful force on Earth.  I am dedicated to leaving the world a better place through collaboration on fundamental innovations in the practice of citizenship and leadership.



Born in Madrid, and living in Paris, I am researcher specialized on security issues in Sub-Saharan African. I am currently finishing my MSc on Security, Defense and Crisis Resolution while working for a think tank on religious studies. I believe the best way to confront our global problems is by assuming greater individual and collective responsibility. This is why I am committed to make the world a better place through dialogue on what means to be a 21st century world citizen.



I am from Brazil. But I am also French. Most of all, I share a common global citizenship with a few billion others. I understand that all my professional experiences and academic diplomas are nothing more than letters on a piece of paper if I don’t commit to taking actions towards preserving this shared condition of humanity. That is what the Campaign represents to me at this point in my life: an opportunity to take action. I am proud to be a part of such a diverse and unselfish group of people who have come together in an attempt to change the game on some of the most vital global issues.



I am a world citizen, born in Damascus, Syria, and I can be found nowhere but at the place where you need me the most. I am sociable and a people person, I have degrees in Management & Business, Finance & Banking, and Intercultural Education & Psychology. My gift is creativity and the motivation for contributing constantly, I have experienced many types of inequality, segregation, and pre-judgement. I believe that no one deserves to be treated this way. Therefore, I am dedicating my efforts to end suffering and reduce any inequality. Together we make difference



I am a builder. I love Examined lives, being in Flow and screenwriting (be it in cinema, policy or daily life). I seek to build a world where each born individual is considered an end in itself: self-owned and free to live their life in their own terms according to the Law of equal freedom, where consent and enlightened commitment are the bonding force of society.

To build anything, however, we share a need for reliability. Reliability in natural or moral persons comes out of solid commitment both in terms of integrity and agency. Experience has proven that the only effective commitment is self-imposed, and that is my definition for Responsibility.

As we encounter a global Trust crisis, we need a powerful response to better our chances to cooperate facing our common challenges. That is why I decided to use my skills in Public Affairs to support the adoption of a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities as part of the International Law or at least as a Global Standard. I believe that intent is a fine legacy we can leave together for Future Generations.



After growing up in the small town of Washington, Connecticut, USA, working in the non-profit sector in Washington, DC and traveling the world as published photographer, I currently live in Paris, France where I completed my Master of Arts in International Affairs, focusing on Human Rights and Dignity. Having lived and experienced different environments, I love discussing different topics with people of various backgrounds and experiences, allowing for reflection, self-education and a continuous expansion of worldview. 

The Campaign for Human Responsibilities is a unique opportunity to bring people from all over the world together for a unified purpose --- to own the responsibility for our own, and each other's, wellbeing. As the world continues to be more cosmopolitan, I believe the best way to achieve this is through diverse engagements, honest conversation and discussion, actively listening, empathy, and allowing yourself to receive constructive feedback for the sake of the greater good. Not just because you HAVE to, but because you WANT to. We are all human, and deep down, we all want the same thing...to live, to be accepted, to be loved, and be happy.



I am a growth marketer, a change agent helping organizations adapt and adopt change. I believe family is the foundation of any strong individual. The strength to be different, and the courage to explore. I believe in freedom. Choice allows you to fail, to learn, to live with intent. Outside of being a mom of two beautiful mixed babies, I focus my energy on organizations and ideas that can help change the trajectory of our society for the better.



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Spanish and Italian descent, laughter, energy and extroversion are traits you will quickly identify me with. I have been very lucky to raise a family and call myself a proud mom of two amazing young women Paula and Joana, who are already leaving their footprint in this world. Building a 25+ year career in Human Resources has given me the opportunity to work for and with people, learning about humans, communities, all the good, bad and ugly of human interaction. These opportunities I have had while enjoying good health, make me today an extremely grateful and fulfilled person. I want my next chapter to be about others even more with additional time to positively impact people at different levels and contribute for the greater good. If Human Rights is a fight against oppression, Human Responsibilities is for me a fight to enable leaders effectively respond to protect the abused. I want to be in this conversation.