Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities 

Set goals for change and preservation

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Set Goals to Enhance  Quality of Life and Reduce Suffering 


  • Understand the consequences of our collective actions

  • Protect all living systems and the life within them from destruction

  • Preserve our most vital natural and cultural heritage

  • Reduce toxicity and keep earth systems in balance

  • Work to ensure no one suffers if the resources exist to remove that suffering

  • Define success with good measures and credible data

  • Be accountable and transparent about progress or the lack thereof



Govern to allow freedoms and accept limits according to values 

Become Informed Citizens and Make Conscious Choices


  • Prevent violence and resolve conflicts peacefully

  • Make conscious, holistic choices about our lives and work

  • Understand the significance of everyday choices

  • Live a life which is sustainable for the planet

  • Learn about the planet and the human story

  • Learn about other people, communities and our society

  • Help align private and public choices for collective gain


Capability Create beneficial and shut down harmful capacity

Create the Means to Achieve our Goals Efficiently and Effectively

  • Give every child a quality education and support good health

  • Create opportunities for fulfilling careers at a living wage

  • Uphold our expected civic duties and claim our rights

  • Use scarce resources thoughtfully and without waste

  • Create and invest in systems and spaces to achieve our goals

  • Dismantle systems that produce harm or hinder shared goals

  • Grow shared, affordable energy, assets, infrastructure, and utilities

Community Unify as a world while creating more diversity 


Care for Ourselves and Treat One Another Well

  • Protect ourselves from harm through self-defense

  • Promote self-care, wellness, physical and mental health

  • Care for those who cannot care for themselves, or are marginalized

  • Work to eliminate poverty, hunger, oppression and severe deprivation

  • Respect and care for people different from us

  • Promote gender equality and reduce other inequalities

  • Seek mutual co-operation and compete by shared rules