Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

البیان العالمي لمسؤولیات الإنسان

Declaração Universal das Responsabilidades Humanas

Déclaration Universelle des Responsabilités Humaines

Declaración Universal de las Responsabilidades Humanas

ปฏญิ ญาสากลวา่ ดว้ ยความรบั ผดิ ชอบของมนษุ ย์

Allmän förklaring om mänskligt ansvar

ዓለምአቀፋዊ የሰዎች ኃላፊነት መግለጫ

 సార్వత్రిక మానవ బాధ్యతల ప్రకటన

मानव िज'मेदा*रय- क/ सावभ1 ौ4मक घोषणा

Verklaring der Universele Menselijke Verantwoordelijkheden

Mombe'upy umi responsabilidad Humana pave

Erklärung einer universellen menschlichen Verantwortung



Unibersal na Pagpapahayag ng mga Karapatang Pantao

הכרזה על אחריות אנושית אוניברסאלית

Okulangirira Obuvunaanyizibwa Bwabantu obw’awamu

Dichiarazione Universale dei Doveri Umani

Image by Amy Humphries

About the Declaration

Building a Societal Contract for the World

The ultimate goal is to create a declaration perceived as simple, accessible, meaningful, legitimate and useful to civic debate and action at every level of human society. The current version of the universal declaration defines a few dozen specific universal human responsibilities in four categories with simple descriptions, all of which can be felt, understood and acted upon by individual citizens: 

  • Set Goals to Enhance Quality of Life and Reduce Suffering

  • Become Informed Citizens and Make Conscious Choices

  • Create the Means to Achieve our Goals Efficiently and Effectively

  • Care for Ourselves and Treat One Another Well

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